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We at Medical-Tools deal in high quality Medical Tools and surgery instruments serving Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons and Beauty Clinics across the world providing them heights quality reusable and disposable instruments. More..

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Veterinary Instruments

At Medical Tools we are committed to provide quality products and service to the Australian Veterinary industry. Our veterinary instruments include Surgery Instruments, Spay Kits, Farm Tools, Veterinary Obstetrics Equipment, Equine Dental Instruments, Farrier Tools, Animal Marking Tools, Otoscopes, and Emasculators.

Sourcing direct from the manufacturers, we will strive to provide quality instrument at competitive prices. 

Animal Catchers

Birds Instruments

Cat-Feline Instruments

Animal Catchers
Birds Instruments
Cow-Bull Instruments Dog Instruments Emasculators-Castration
Cow/Bull Instruments
Dog Instruments
Entomology Instruments Equine Dental Farrier Instruments
Equine Dental
Farrier Tools
Instruments Kits Obstetrics Veterinary Orthopedics
Instruments Sets
Obstetrics Instruments
Orthopedic Instruments
Veterinary Otoscope - ENT Set Pets First Aid Kit Pig Instruments
Otoscope - ENT Sets
Pet's First Aid Kit
Pig Instruments
Veterinary Retractors Rodent Instruments Sheep Instruments
Rodent Instruments
Sheep Instruments
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Why Choose Medical Tools

  • Buy Direct from Manufacturers.
  • Fine Quality Instruments of high precision.
  • Wide Range of Instruments.
  • Get Full Customization of existing Instrument Patterns.
  • Get your Custom Designed Instruments.
  • Packed individually or in Bulk to meet your specific requirements.

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