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Abdominal access systems, commonly referred to as “trocars,” have 2 components:

  • A removable inner obturator or “trocar,” used to facilitate insertion
  • An outer cannula or “port,” which remains in place to allow passage of instruments and insufflation.

The large number of currently available trocar designs can be classified into 2 categories:

  • Cutting trocars – Cutting trocars incorporate a sharp metal or plastic blade that cuts through tissue layers as force is applied. The main advantage of this type is easy insertion through the abdominal well.
  • Dilating trocars - Dilating systems typically use a trocar with a tip that bluntly separates and dilates tissue as force is applied. Dialating Trocars, the more recent access systems have used noncutting trocars. Designed to eliminate the blade inherent to cutting systems, a  blunt tip or expandable sheath is used to dilate or separate tissues as the trocar penetrates the abdominal wall.

Most Common Abdominal access systems or Trocars (Trocar Systems) are available at Medical Tools.

Common Trocars

  • Universal Trocar Set

  • Trocar – 9cm, Diameter 5mm

  • Trocar – 12cm, Diameter – 6x12mm

  • Trocar – 15cm, Diameter – 10mm

  • Trocar – 18cm, Diameter – 9x7mm

Trocar Sets

  • Universal Trocar Set

  • Trocar Set (4 Trocars)

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