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Dental Lab Instruments

Medical Tools Dental Lab Instruments are designed for laboratory and dental clinics. We have an impressive range of dental laboratory supplies online, including

  • Wax Carvers
  • Modeling Kis
  • Dental Technician Kits
  • Dentistry Student Kits and
  • Wax Knives

Dental lab instruments used to designed and create crowns, bridges, dentures and other prosthetic from impressions taken from patients mouth. All Tools are made from Surgical Grade stainless steel and used by professionals.

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  1. Home Dental Kit
  2. Conscodellino Knife
  3. Conscodellino Knife
  4. Rubber Dam Basic Kit
  5. Dental Laboratory Technicians Kit
  6. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  7. Beale Wax Carver
  8. Lessmann Wax Knife Small
  9. Hollenback Wax Carver
  10. Lecron Wax Carver
  11. Beale Wax Carver
  12. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  13. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  14. Dental Laboratory Instruments Kit
  15. Dentistry Student's Kit
  16. Gritman Wax Carver
  17. Lecron Wax Carver
  18. Lecron Wax Carver

18 Items

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