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Dental Student Kits

Dentistry Students use instruments throughout their courses. We understand that each school may have slightly different needs for their students. We can customize the kits accordingly.

We have a range of Dentistry Students Kits like

  • Dental Exam Kits
  • Dental Modelling Kits
  • Laboratory Technician Kits and 
  • Dental Student Kits

We are committed to medical schools and universities in fulfilling the needs. Our Dental Student's Kits are compiled for students & teachers. All tools are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel.

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  1. Sheep, Goat Speculum
  2. Petri Dish 100x20mm Stainless Steel with Lid
  3. Rubber Dam Basic Kit
  4. Dental Laboratory Technicians Kit
  5. Dental Technology Instruments Kit
  6. Dentistry Student's Kit
  7. Dental Laboratory Instruments Kit

7 Items

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