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Rubber Dam Instruments

A dental dam (Kofferdam) is used mainly in endodontic treatment. The main function of the Rubber Dam Instruments is to isolate the tooth being treated from its environment, in particular from the bacteria in the oral cavity.

The rubber dam is held over individual teeth or groups of teeth by appropriate rubber dam clamps or threads (ligatures) along the edge of the gum. The tooth crown stands out from the rubber dam through individual holes made by a hole punch.

The benefits of rubber dam are

  • A clean and dry operative field 
  • Treatment of the appropriate tooth
  • No contamination from blood or saliva
  • Protects the patient's airway

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  1. Petri Dish 100x20mm Stainless Steel with Lid
  2. Rubber Dam Clamps Set
  3. Rubber Dam Clamps Set
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  5. Rubber Dam Clamps Set

5 Items

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