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Medical Tools $5-Sale instrument are quality instruments but are supplied at discounted  prices. $5 Supplies are for clinics, doctors, students, labs who want to use quality instruments at affordable prices.

We are empowered by passion, love, and kindness to provide you with the highest quality instruments at the lowest available prices on the web. We take pride in what we do and we are dedicated to giving you the best customer service experience.

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  1. Adams Orthodontic Pliers
  2. Dental London College Tweezers
  3. Columbia Curette 13/14
  4. Implant Dentistry Basic Kit
  5. Columbia Curette 4R/4L
  6. dental cement spatula
  7. Dental London College Tweezers
  8. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  9. Beale Wax Carver
  10. Lessmann Wax Knife Small
  11. Lecron Wax Carver
  12. Beale Wax Carver
  13. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  14. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  15. Dental Explorer 17/23
  16. Lecron Wax Carver
  17. Lecron Wax Carver

17 Items

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