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Disposable Instruments

At Medical Tools, we manufacture a range of Single Use, Disposable Tools that can be used within all types of Surgical and Dental Procedures. Disposable Tools are consistently used with additional specialist instruments for all forms of general & specialized surgical and medical procedures.

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  1. ADSON Tissue Forceps 1:2 (Pack of 20)
  2. ADSON Tissue Forceps Pack of 20Pcs
  3. Burnisher Ball Double Ended (Packof 30)
  4. College Tweezers 15cm Pack of 30 Pcs
  5. Dental Examination Kit (Packof 20)
  6. Halsted Mosquito Forceps
  7. Mosquito Forceps 12.5cm Straight
  8. Ivory Rubber Dam Punch
  9. Iris Scissors 11.5cm Straight
  10. Mosquito Forceps Curved
  11. Mariam Tweezers 16cm Pack of 20Pcs
  12. Plastic Filling Double Ended (Packof 30)
  13. Spoon Excavator Double Ended (Packof 30)
  14. Universial Scissors 18cm (Pack of 30)

20 Items

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