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Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instrument manufactured at Medical Tools is recognized as high-quality surgical instruments throughout the World. We are manufacturing Single-Use Surgical Instruments and Reusable Surgical Tools along with custom-designed surgical instruments to meet your specific requirements.

Learn why should you choose surgical tools & instruments manufactured by us. The following list contains most common surgery tools like Surgical Scissors, Needle Holders, Procedure Kits and Haemostatic Forceps. Please select a category to view individual instruments and details.

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  1.  Bruenings 19cm
  2. Carmalt Forceps
  3. Adson Baby Forceps 18cm
  4. Adson Hemostatic Forceps 18cm
  5. Metzenbaum Needle Holder 18cm
  6. Dental Basic Exam Kit
  7. Gellhorn Biopsy Forceps 23cm
  8. Andrew 11cm
  9. Advance Physiology Kit
  10. Presbyterian-Hospital Tubing Clamp
  11. Tischler-Kevorkian Biopsy Forceps 20cm
  12. Balfour Baby Retractors 9cm
  13. Balfour Retractors 18cm
  14. Balfour Retractors 20cm
  15. Lorna Towel Clamp
  16. Barraquer Needle Holder 10cm Straight
  17. Gillies Needle Holder 16cm
  18. McLean Obstetrical Forceps
  19. Surgical Dressing Kit
  20. Appendectomy Set
  21. Derf Needle Holder 12.5cm
  22. Barton Obstetrical Forceps 36cm
  23. Wangensteen Needle Holder Long Jaws 27cm
  24. Buchwald 19cm
  25. Tischler-Morgan Biopsy Forceps 20cm
  26. Iris Scissors 11.5cm TC Curved SuperCut
  27. Castroviejo Needle Holder 14cm TC Straight
  28. Basic Physiology Kit
  29. C-Section Instruments Kit
  30. Cesarean Section Surgical Instrument Set
  31. Baumgartner Needle Holder 14cm
  32. Collin 16cm
  33. Bergmann Mallet
  34. Collin Speculum
  35. Colin Speculum 65x20mm
  36. Green Retractor 22cm
  37. Collin-Hartmann Retractor 16cm
  38. Adson Hemostatic Forceps 18cm 1:2
  39. Crile Kocher Forceps 14cm 1:2
  40. Crile Rankin Forceps 16cm
  41. Crile-Wood Needle Holder
  42. Halsey Needle Holder 13cm
  43. Colin Speculum 65x10mm
  44. Cusco Speculum Small
  45. Cusco Speculum - Central Screw Design
  46. Cusco Speculum Flat Duck Beak
  47. Colin Speculum 65x10mm
  48. Coryllos Thorax Retractor 24cm
  49. David Specula Retractor 75x50mm
  50. De LEE Obstetrical Forceps 30cm
  51. Simpson-Braun Obstetrical Forceps
  52. Davidson Specula Retractor 75x90mm
  53. Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder Fine
  54. Circumcision Kit
  55. Debridement Pack
  56. Denhart 12cm
  57. Derf Needle Holder 12cm
  58. Neivert Needle Holder 13cm

Items 1-60 of 221

Set Descending Direction
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