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The doctors specialize in women's health and female reproductive system are called Gynaecologist. Gynecologist use specialized gyno tools for the examination and the treatment.

What Speculums are used for?
A Vaginal Speculums are the most commonly used for a pelvic exam. A duck's bill shape speculum is inserted into the vagina to gently open it during the exam. The doctor can choose the size of the speculum. Most of the speculums have a screw locking system to keep the speculum open.

Medical Tools speculums are manufactured from rust-free stainless steel and available in various sizes and shapes.


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  1. Bergmann Mallet
  2. Collin Speculum
  3. Colin Speculum 65x20mm
  4. Colin Speculum 65x10mm
  5. Cusco Speculum Small
  6. Cusco Speculum - Central Screw Design
  7. Cusco Speculum Flat Duck Beak
  8. Colin Speculum 65x10mm
  9. Cusco Speculum - Swiss Pattern
  10. Freeway Grave Speculum
  11. Freeway Grave Speculum
  12. Grave Speculum
  13. Grave Speculum Extra Large
  14. Grave Speculum Extra Small
  15. Pederson Speculum

15 Items

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