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Surgical scissors are used for cutting in a surgical procedure. Scissors can be used for cutting the bandage or tissue. Our scissors surgical grade stainless steel and lasts longer without getting blunt. Scissors with tungsten carbide (TC) tip on the cutting edges allows easier and smoother cuts and keeps the scissors sharp for longer. Scissors have various sizes, shapes and tip profiles. The tips can be sharp/blunt, blunt/blunt or sharp/sharp. Most of the scissors have finger ring for easy handling, some micro scissors have spring action handle like Castroviejo Scissors.

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  1. Beebee Scissors
  2. Beebee Scissors
  3. Bergmann Scissors
  4. Braun Scissors
  5. Bruns Scissors
  6. Buck Scissors
  7. Dean Scissors
  8. Deaver Scissors
  9. Deaver Scissors
  10. Deaver Scissors
  11. Deaver Scissors
  12. Esmarch Scissors
  13. Goldmann Fox TC cissors Straight
  14. Iris Scissors 11.5cm TC Straight
  15. Iris Scissors 11.5cm TC Curved
  16. Iris Scissors 11.5cm Straight
  17. Iris Scissors Curved
  18. Iris Scissors Straight
  19. Iris Scissors TC Curved
  20. Iris Scissors TC Straight
  21. Kelly Scissors Curved
  22. Lagrange Scissors
  23. Landolt Scissors
  24. Lange Scissors
  25. Lexer Baby Scissors
  26. Lexer Baby Scissors
  27. Lexer Baby Scissors
  28. Lexer Baby Scissors TC
  29. Lexer Baby Scissors TC
  30. Lexer Fino Scissors
  31. Lexer Scissors
  32. Lexer Scissors
  33. Lexer Scissors TC
  34. Lexer Scissors TC
  35. Universal Wire and Plates Shears TC 12cm
  36. Lister Scissors
  37. Lister Scissors
  38. Lister Scissors
  39. Lister Scissors TC
  40. Littauer Scissors
  41. Mayo Scissors Curved
  42. Mayo Scissors Straight
  43. Mayo Scissors 14.5cm Straight
  44. Operating Scissors Sharp/Blunt 14.5cm Straight
  45. Mayo Scissors 14.5cm TC Curved
  46. Mayo Scissors 14.5cm TC Curved
  47. Mayo Scissors TC Curved
  48. Mayo Scissors TC Straight
  49. Metzenbaum Fino Scissors Curved
  50. Metzenbaum Fino Scissors Straight
  51. Metzenbaum Fino Scissors TC Curved
  52. Metzenbaum S Scissors
  53. Metzenbaum S TC Scissors
  54. Metzenbaum Scissors Curved
  55. Metzenbaum Scissors Straight
  56. Metzenbaum Scissors Straight
  57. Metzenbaum Scissors TC Straight
  58. Mills Scissors
  59. Northbent Scissors

Items 1-60 of 90

Set Descending Direction
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