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Animal Identification

Animal identification is extremely important to ensure that all animals are cared for and receive the appropriate treatment. It also eliminates the unnecessary confusion between animals. Accurate identification for verification of ownership is valuable.

MedicalTools has a wide range of animal identification tools like tattoo pliers for small animals, tattoo pliers for large animals, ear notcher and earmarking pliers.

Tattoo Pliers are used for positive permanent livestock identification. Our pliers are designed for ease of use and minimum hand fatigue when tattooing. Made out of an aluminum alloy; pliers are sturdy yet lightweight. Construction provides a short easy pull causing needles to penetrate deeply into the ear with a minimum amount of effort. Tattoo pliers are available for small animals and large animals

Tag Applicators, Tagging Pliers, Tattoo Pliers, Ear Tag Instruments, Tagging Pliers, Animal Marks, Animal Numbing.


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  1. Tattoo Alphabet Set
  2. Tattoo Pliers Kit Standard
  3. Tattoo pliers small alphabet set
  4. Numbers Set Tattoo Pliers
  5. Tattoo Alphabet Set
  6. Animal Catch Pole with Lock
  7. Ear Notcher
  8. Tattoo Pliers Small Kit

8 Items

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