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Emasculator/Castration Inst.

Emasculators or Castration Forceps are used to desex animals using one of the three common methods. 

This method of castration uses a clamp which crushes the blood vessels around the testes, cutting off blood supply and causing them to die and drop off. Reimers and Serra Emasculators are most commonly used in equine. 

Ring Castration - Elastrator
Ring castration is also known as "elastrator castration" involves fitting a tight rubber or latex ring on the scrotum to cut the blood supply off. That causes testicles to gradually die and drop off.

Surgical Castration
Surgical castration involves surgery to remove testicles. This involves surgical castration kit.


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  1. Dog Ear Hair Puller Straight
  2. Burdizzo Castration Forceps 9"
  3. Burdizzo Castration Forceps 12"
  4. Burdizzo Castration Forceps 16"
  5. Verboczy Emasculator Triple Crush 31cm
  6. Hussmann Emasculator Curved
  7. Newberry Castration Knife
  8. Sand Emasculator 31cm
  9. Serra Emasculator 35.5cm
  10. Sheep Castration Ring Applicator

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