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Mouth Gags

A regular oral examination of the animals is necessary. The exam should not cause trauma to the animal. Veterinary Mouth Gags are used for oral examination and treatment.

Mouth gags usually have a locking mechanism which can retain the mouth open even under massive pressure from the jaws.

We have a wide range of Mouth Gags for Pets to Equine Mouth Speculums.

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  1. Veterinary Suture Kit
  2. Dog Dental Extraction Kit
  3. Equine Millennium Speculum
  4. Equine 3 Prong Molar Forceps Right
  5. Equine Millennium Speculum
  6. Equine Pony Millennium Speculum
  7. Equine Schoupe Mouth Gag
  8. Mouth Gag Rasp Design
  9. Pony Speculum
  10. Burgees Wolf Tooth Elevator Set
  11. Rodent Tongue Depressor
  12. Milk Tooth Elevator
  13. Equine Schoupe Mouth Gag
  14. Hitching Mouth Gag

14 Items

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