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Dental Instruments

Dental instruments or dental hand tools are used by dental professionals to provide dental treatment. Medical Tools has a wide range of instruments to examine, restore, remove teeth and oral surgical procedures.

Our procedures kits

  • Dental Exam Kits
  • Oral Surgery Kits
  • Dental Extraction Kits
  • Restorative Kits
  • Dental Lab Kits
  • Dentistry Student Kits and 
  • Elevator Sets

Medical Tools dental instruments range features hundreds of premium-quality precision-crafted stainless steel surgical instruments designed specifically for dental, periodontal, endodontic, orthodontic and prosthodontic procedures.

Our tools are premium quality used by professionals around the world. 

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  1. Heidbrink Elevators Set
  2. Barry Root Elevator Set
  3. Sheep, Goat Speculum
  4. P.K. Thomas Set
  5. Dental Surgery Basic Kit
  6. Dental Extraction Kit
  7. Petri Dish 100x20mm Stainless Steel with Lid
  8. Dental Restorative Kit
  9. Home Dental Kit
Basic Tartar Scrapping Kit
  11. Dental Explorer 17/23 Double End
  12. Chin Grafting Kit
  13. Sickle Scaler Towner Jacquette U15/33
  14. Dental Exam Kit
  15. Dental Basic Exam Kit
  16. Rubber Dam Basic Kit
  17. Dental College Tweezers 15cm
  18. Dental Extraction Instruments Kit
  19. Dental Plastic  Filling Instruments Kit
  20. Dental Laboratory Technicians Kit
  21. Dental Technology Instruments Kit
  22. Extracting Forceps for Children
  23. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  24. Beale Wax Carver
  25. Lessmann Wax Knife Small
  26. Hollenback Wax Carver
  27. Lower Molar Extracting Forceps Set
  28. Lecron Wax Carver
  29. Dental Modeling Instruments Kit
  30. Rubber Dam Kit
  31. Rubber Dam Clamps Set
  32. Rubber Dam Clamps Set
  33. Beale Wax Carver
  34. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  35. Fahnenstock Wax Knife Small
  36. Extracting Forceps Set
  37. Warwick-James Elevator Set
  38. Luxating Elevator Set
  39. Dentistry Student's Kit
  40. Dental Laboratory Instruments Kit
  41. Microsurgery Kit
  42. Oral Surgery and Extraction Kit
  43. Oral Surgery Extraction Kit
  44. Dental Exam Kit
  45. Dental Explorer 17/23 Double End
  46. Dental Oral Surgery Kit
  47. Gritman Wax Carver
  48. Periodontal Surgery Kit
  49. Rubber Dam Clamps Set
  50. Rubber Dam Kit
  51. Dental Hygienist Scaler H6/H7
  52. Sterilization Cassette 10 Holds
  53. Semm
  54. Semm
  55. Sterilization Cassette 10 Holds
  56. Scaling and Root Planing Kit
  57. Heidbrink Elevator Set
  58. Lecron Wax Carver
  59. Lecron Wax Carver

60 Items

Set Descending Direction
per page