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Dental Instruments

Dental instruments or dental hand tools are used by dental professionals to provide dental treatment. Medical Tools has a wide range of instruments to examine, restore, remove teeth and oral surgical procedures.

Our procedures kits

  • Dental Exam Kits
  • Oral Surgery Kits
  • Dental Extraction Kits
  • Restorative Kits
  • Dental Lab Kits
  • Dentistry Student Kits and 
  • Elevator Sets

Medical Tools dental instruments range features hundreds of premium-quality precision-crafted stainless steel surgical instruments designed specifically for dental, periodontal, endodontic, orthodontic and prosthodontic procedures.

Our tools are premium quality used by professionals around the world. 

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  1. Anatomical tweezers
  2. Andrew 11cm
  3. Arruga Needle Holder
  4. Barry Root Elevators Set
  5. Barry Root Elevators Set
  6. P.K. Thomas Set
  7. Dental Surgery Basic Kit
  8. Dental Extraction Kit
  9. Petri Dish 100x20mm Stainless Steel with Lid
  10. Home Dental Kit
  11. Beebee Scissors Curved

Items 121-180 of 1574

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