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Biopsy Specimen Forceps

Biopsy Forceps are used to obtain tissue samples for biopsy. The Forceps usually have handle or finger rings, the tip is connected at the end of a shank which cn be operated with the handles. The forceps are available in various types, sizes and tip sizes. The doctor can choose the forceps depending on the specimen size required. 

Smaller tip forceps or baby biopsy punch are often preferred because there is typically less bleeding and pain when the smaller tissue sample is removed.

Our forceps are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel and autoclavable. 


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  1. Gellhorn Biopsy Forceps 23cm
  2. Tischler-Kevorkian Biopsy Forceps 20cm
  3. Tischler-Morgan Biopsy Forceps 20cm
  4. Baggish Biopsy Forceps 20cm
  5. Derf Needle Holder 12cm
  6. Thomas-Gaylor Biopsy Forceps
  7. Burke Biopsy Forceps 20cm
  8. Schumacher Biopsy Forceps 24cm
  9. Faure Biopsy Forceps 21cm
  10. Schubert Biopsy Forceps
  11. Alexander Biopsy Forceps 23cm
  12. Schubert Biopsy Forceps 26cm
  13. Townsend-Mini Baby-Tischler Biopsy Forceps 20.5cm
  14. Wittner Biopsy Forceps 23cm
  15. Kevorkian-Young Biopsy Forceps 24.5cm

16 Items

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