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Dog Instruments

Dog Instruments are designed for dogs and small animals. We have a wide range of 

  • Oral Examination
  • Dental Extraction and Prophy Kits
  • Spay Kits to remove ovaries
  • Small Animal Surgery Kit
  • Winged Elevator Set

Dog Ear Hair Pullers are used to remove hairs from the ear canal to allow air to circulate into the ear, to deter bacterial growth and avoid ear infections. Dog Dental Scaling Kit is used to scaling plaque and tartar.

All tools are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel used by professionals.


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  1. Basic Dental Prophy Kit
  2. Polansky Vaginal Speculum
  3. Veterinary Suture Kit
  4. Canine Mouth Gag Set
  5. Canine Periodontal Instruments Pack
  6. Dental Scaling Kit for Medium Dogs
  7. Small Dog Dental Scaling Kit
  8. Cat Nail Clipper Kit
  9. Dental scaling kit for Large Dogs
  10. Dog Ear Cropping Guide Set
  11. Dog Grooming Shears Curved
  12. Dog Era Hair Puller Curved
  13. Ear Cropping Scissors
  14. Dog Grooming Shears Straight
  15. Dog Ear Suture Kit
  16. Cat-Dog Nail Clipper
  17. Dog Grooming Shears Straight
  18. Verboczy Emasculator 31cm
  19. Doberman Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  20. Feline Spay Pack
  21. Dog Tail Docking Kit
  22. Great Dane Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  23. Cat-Dog Nail Clipper Kit
  24. Schnauzer Ear Cropping Clamp
  25. Great Dane Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  26. Male Dog Surgical Castration Kit
  27. Puppy Tail Banding Elastrator
  28. Puppy Tail Banding Elastrator
  29. Scalpel Handle #3
  30. Terrier Ear Cropping Clamp
  31. Miniature Schnauzer Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  32. Pets First Aid Instruments Kit
  33. Small Animal Dental Extraction Kit
  34. Miniature Schnauzer Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  35. Basic Exodontia Kit
  36. Small Animals Surgery Kit
  37. Veterinary Paw Kit
  38. Veterinary Suture Kit

43 Items

Set Descending Direction
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