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Recommended Kits / Sets

Medical Tools procedure kits offer convenience. We have a wide range of pre-assembled procedure kits that provide your dental team with the tools needed for most dental surgical procedures.

Medical Tools procedure kits are designed for General Dental Surgeons, Maxillofacial Surgeons, Periodontists, and Implantologists.

We have a range of 

  • Basic Exam Kits
  • Oral Surgery Kits
  • Dental Extraction Kit
  • Root Elevators Set and 
  • Restorative Dentistry Kits

Dental procedure kits offer a lot of benefits like

  • Optimize working time and costs 
  • Improve efficiencies in the operating room 
  • Create an optimal working environment 
  • Allow you to focus on the patient

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  1. Birds Dissection Kit
  2. Heidbrink Elevators Set
  3. Barry Root Elevator Set
  4. Sheep, Goat Speculum
  5. P.K. Thomas Set
  6. Dental Surgery Basic Kit
  7. Dental Extraction Kit
  8. Petri Dish 100x20mm Stainless Steel with Lid
  9. Warwick-James Elevator Set
  10. Chin Grafting Kit
  11. Dental Exam Kit
  12. Rubber Dam Basic Kit
  13. Dental Extraction Instruments Kit
  14. Dental Plastic  Filling Instruments Kit
  15. Dental Suture Removal Kit
  16. Dental Technology Instruments Kit
  17. Extracting Forceps for Children
  18. Lower Molar Extracting Forceps Set
  19. Dental Modeling Instruments Kit
  20. Rubber Dam Kit
  21. Extracting Forceps Set
  22. Warwick-James Elevator Set
  23. Luxating Elevator Set
  24. Oral Surgery and Extraction Kit
  25. Oral Surgery Extraction Kit
  26. Dental Exam Kit
  27. Dental Oral Surgery Kit
  28. Periodontal Surgery Kit
  29. Rubber Dam Clamps Set
  30. Rubber Dam Kit
  31. Scaling and Root Planing Kit
  32. Heidbrink Elevator Set

33 Items

Set Descending Direction
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