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Needle Holders

Needle holders or Needle driver are used to hold a suturing needle during suturing and surgical procedures. Most of Needle holders have finger rings and ratchet which can hold the needle firmly. The tip is typically textured tip however some needle holders have plain tip like Helsey.  TC tip needle holders have gold-plated rings. Tungsten Carbide (TC) tip is more durable, lasts longer and provide better grip.

Medical Tools needle holders are available in a wide range of shapes, lengths and tip sizes. Shorter length needle holders may be used in minor procedures. Long needle holders may be used for deep tissue suturing. Our needle holders are individually handcrafted for precise control.

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  1. Metzenbaum Needle Holder 18cm
  2. Wangensteen Needle Holder Long Jaws 27cm
  3. Halsey Needle Holder 13cm
  4. Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder Fine
  5. Neivert Needle Holder 13cm
  6. Adson Needle Holder 18cm
  7. Sarot Needle Holder
  8. Mathieu Needle Holder
  9. Crile-Murray Needle Holder 15cm
  10. Mayo Hegar Needle Holder
  11. De-Bakey Needle Holder
  12. Miniature Gillies Needle Holder 10cm TC
  13. Finochietto Needle Holder

35 Items

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