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At Medical Tools we are committed providing quality products to the Veterinary Industry in USA and across the world. Our veterinary instruments include Surgery Instruments, Spay Kits, Farm Tools, Veterinary Obstetrics Equipment, Equine Dental Instruments, Farrier Tools, Animal Marking Tools, Otoscopes, and Emasculators.

Sourcing direct from the manufacturers, we will strive to provide quality instrument at competitive prices. 

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  1. Hoof Nipper with hammer portion
  2. Pony Speculum
  3. Finochietto Retractor 150mm
  4. Advance Dental Prophy Kit
  5. Basic Dental Prophy Kit
  6. Veterinary Advance Eye Kit
  7. Dog Ear Hair Puller Straight
  8. Sheep Ear Marking
  9. Polansky Vaginal Speculum
  10. Equine Alligator Forceps 30cm
  11. Boxer Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  12. Burdizzo Castration Forceps 9"
  13. Burdizzo Castration Forceps 12"
  14. Burdizzo Castration Forceps 16"
  15. Entomology Dissection Kit
  16. Veterinary Winged Elevator Set
  17. Calf Puller Calving Aid
  18. Calving Chains
  19. Calving Rope Single End
  20. Calving Rope Single End
  21. Calving Strap
  22. Veterinary Suture Kit
  23. Basic Oral Surgery Kit
  24. Cat Dental Scaling Kit
  25. Cat-Dog Nail Clipper
  26. Gosset Retractor
  27. Crossley Incisors Luxator
  28. Equine Molar Cutter 25"
  29. Boxer Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  30. Cat Nail Clipper Kit
  31. Dog Ear Cropping Guide Set
  32. Ear Cropping Scissors

Items 1-60 of 252

Set Descending Direction
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