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Instruments Sets / Packs

Procedure kits offer convenience. We have a wide range of pre-assembled procedure kits that provide surgery team with the tools needed for most surgical procedures.

Medical Tools procedure kits are designed for Clinics, General Surgeons, Gynecologist, Trauma & Orthopedic Surgeons. 

We have a range of 

  • General Surgery Kits
  • Dressing Kits
  • Dermal Instrument
  • C-Section & Delivery Kits

Dental procedure kits offer a lot of benefits like

  • Optimize working time and costs 
  • Improve efficiencies in the operating room 
  • Create an optimal working environment 
  • Allow you to focus on the patient


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  1. Dental Basic Exam Kit
  2. Advance Physiology Kit
  3. Surgical Dressing Kit
  4. Appendectomy Set
  5. Basic Physiology Kit
  6. C-Section Instruments Kit
  7. Cesarean Section Surgical Instrument Set
  8. Circumcision Kit
  9. Debridement Pack
  10. Delivery Instrument Set
  11. Dermal Excision Kit
  12. Surgical Dressing Kit
  13. Excision Kit
  14. Major Surgery Basic Kit
  15. Minor Surgery Kit
  16. Orthopedic Surgery Minor Set
  17. Suture Kit
  18. tendon-repair-set

18 Items

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