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Surgical retractors are used to hold back underlying organs or tissues during a procedure. These are also used to hold incision or wound open for better visibility and access. Retractors can be divided into two categories

Handheld Retractors
Handheld retractors are versatile tools and can be readily moved. As these are handheld, the surgeon can apply as much or as little force as desired. Medical Tools has a wide range of various sizes, blade lengths, and shapes.
Examples of hand-held retractors are Deaver's, Langenbeck's, Kelly and Senn-Miller.

Self Retaining Retractors
Self-retaining retractors remain open unless closed. These have screws, ratchets or clamps which holds the retractor open. Self-retaining retractors allow hands-free operation during a procedure. These retractors are used for the procedures where incision needs to be kept open for a longer period.
Examples of self-retaining retractors are Finochietto, Gelpi, Weitlaner and ALM retractors.


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  1. Finochietto Retractor 150mm
  2. Weitlaner Retractor
  3. Gelpi Retractor 9cm
  4. Gelpi Retractor 14cm
  5. Gelpi Retractor 16cm
  6. Alm Retractor
  7. Gosset Retractor
  8. Weitlaner Baby Retractor

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