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Mouth & Tongue

Mouth gags are used to prevent the mouth from closing during a procedure. The gags are placed between the upper and the lowers jaws. The gags have a locking mechanism which keeps the gag open.

Lip and cheek retractors are used to retractor are also used in oral and ENT procedures.


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  1.  Bruenings 19cm
  2. Andrew 11cm
  3. Buchwald 19cm
  4. Collin 16cm
  5. Denhart 12cm
  6. Whitehead Mouth Gag
  7. Doyen Jansen Molt Mouth Gag 12cm
  8. Frenzele 16cm
  9. Hartmann 15cm
  10. Pelvic Reduction Forceps 1:2
  11. Mouth Tongue 11cm
  12. Mouth Tongue 19cm
  13. Roser Koenig 16cm
  14. Sternberg Lip Cheek Retractor
  15. Young Tongue Forceps 16cm
  16. Tobold 14cm
  17. Jennings Mouth Gag
  18. Wieder

19 Items

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