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Surgical retractors are used to hold an incision or a wound open, these are also used to hold a tissue or an organ for access and visibility.  Retractors are manufactured from stainless steel and available in various sizes and shapes. Generally, these can be divided into two categories.

Handheld Retractors 
Handheld retractors are versatile tools and can be readily moved. As these are handheld, the surgeon can apply as much or as little force as desired. Medical Tools has a wide range of various sizes, blade lengths, and shapes.
Examples of hand-held retractors are Deaver's, Langenbeck's, Kelly and Senn-Miller.

Self Retaining Retractors
Self-retaining retractors remain open unless closed. These have screws, ratchets or clamps which holds the retractor open. Self-retaining retractors allow hands-free operation during a procedure. These retractors are used for the procedures where incision needs to be kept open for a longer period.
Examples of self-retaining retractors are Finochietto, Gelpi, Weitlaner and ALM retractors.

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  1. Collin-Hartmann Retractor 16cm
  2. Coryllos Thorax Retractor 24cm
  3. David Specula Retractor 75x50mm
  4. Davidson Specula Retractor 75x90mm
  5. Deaver Grip Retractor 30cm
  6. Desmarres Retractor 16cm
  7. Farabeuf Retractor 15cm
  8. Roux Baby Retractor
  9. Koerte Retractor 23.5cm
  10. doyen retractor 25cm
  11. Kelly Retractor with Grip
  12. Kelly Retractor 26cm
  13. Mosquito Micro Forceps 1:2 12.5cm
  14. Farabeuf Mini Retractor 12cm
  15. Kocher Retractor 22.5cm
  16. Kocher Retractor 19cm
  17. Kocher Retractor 25cm
  18. Kocher Retractor 21cm
  19. Kocher Retractor 21cm
  20. Kocher Retractor 23cm
  21. Harrington Retractor
  22. Volkmann Retractor 11.5cm Sharp/Blunt
  23. Richardson Retractor
  24. doyen retractor 25cm
  25. Roux Mini Retractor 14.5cm
  26. Kelly Retractor 27cm
  27. roux retractors set
  28. Volksmann Retractor Blunt 21.5cm
  29. Langenbeck Retractor 21cm
  30. Langenbeck Retractor 21cm

33 Items

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