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Dental Tweezers

Dental Tweezers are used to place small objects like cotton in the mouth and retrieve small objects from the mouth.

These tweezers come in various sizes and shapes. The most commonly used tweezers are College and Meriam Tweezers.

Articulating tweezers are used to handle articulating paper. Locking tweezers are also available. The tips can be plain or serrated, in straight, curved or angled working tips.


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  1. 17 Dental Tweezers
  2. 18 Dental Tweezers
  3. 18L Dental Tweezers
  4. 19 Dental Tweezers
  5. Anatomical tweezers
  6. Articulation slides tweezers
  7. College Tweezers
  8. College Tweezers 15cm
  9. College Tweezers 15cm
  10. Dental Explorer 17/23 Double End
  11. Dental College Tweezers 15cm
  12. Dental Tweezers
  13. Dental Tweezers 13cm
  14. Dental Tweezers 15cm
  15. Fiber Tweezer
  16. Flagg Tweezers 16cm
  17. Flagg Tweezers 16cm
  18. Flagg Tweezers 16cm
  19. Meriam Tweezers 15cm
  20. Meriam Tweezers 15cm
  21. Meriam Tweezers 15cm
  22. Perry Tong
  23. Perry Tweezers 13 cm
  24. Perry Tweezers 13 cm
  25. Surgical Tweezers Kocher 14cm

25 Items

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