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At Medical Tools we are committed providing quality products to the Veterinary Industry in USA and across the world. Our veterinary instruments include Surgery Instruments, Spay Kits, Farm Tools, Veterinary Obstetrics Equipment, Equine Dental Instruments, Farrier Tools, Animal Marking Tools, Otoscopes, and Emasculators.

Sourcing direct from the manufacturers, we will strive to provide quality instrument at competitive prices. 

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  1. Puppy Tail Banding Elastrator
  2. Osteotome Kit
  3. Newberry Castration Knife
  4. Equine Fulcrum Forceps
  5. Reynolds Cap Extracting Forceps Lower
  6. Chinchilla Cheek Dilator
  7. Rodent Cheek Dilator
  8. Rodent Crossly Incisors Luxator
  9. Rodent Excavator 1.0mm
  10. Crossley Molar Luxator
  11. Rodents Molar and Premolar Cutting Forceps
  12. Rodent Molar and Premolar Forceps
  13. Rodent Tongue Depressor
  14. Rodent Molar and Premolar Rasp
  15. Reynolds Cap Extracting Forceps Upper
  16. Miniature Gillies Needle Holder 10cm TC
  17. Reimers Emasculator 33cm
  18. Puppy Tail Banding Elastrator
  19. Scalpel Handle #3
  20. Terrier Ear Cropping Clamp
  21. Miniature Schnauzer Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  22. Milk Tooth Elevator
  23. Equine Schoupe Mouth Gag
  24. Gosset Retractor
  25. Sand Emasculator 31cm
  26. Serra Emasculator 35.5cm
  27. Rodent Mouth Gag
  28. Sheep Hair Clipper
  29. Sheep Hair Clipper 7 teeth
  30. Sheep Shears Double Bow
  31. Sheep Shears 34cm Double Bow
  32. Sheep Castration Ring Applicator
  33. Sheep Shears Single Bow 30cm
  34. Animal Catch Pole with Lock
  35. Pets First Aid Instruments Kit
  36. Small Animal Dental Extraction Kit
  37. Large Rodent Dental Kit
  38. Equine Molar Spreader
  39. Veterinary Catchpole
  40. Hoof Knife Razor Edge
  41. Terrier Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  42. Miniature Schnauzer Ear Cropping Tools Kit
  43. Small Animals Surgery Kit
  44. Equine Root Fragments Forceps 19"
  45. Equine 3 Prong Forceps Left
  46. Hitching Mouth Gag
  47. Basic Exodontia Kit
  48. Veterinary Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set
  49. Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 16cm TC
  50. Veterinary General Surgery Kit
  51. Veterinary General Surgery Kit
  52. McIntosh Laryngoscope Set Fibre Optic
  53. Large Animals Deep Tissue Surgery Set
  54. Swine Snare
  55. Witt Obstetrics Forceps
  56. Veterinary Otoscope - Ear Exam Torch
  57. Veterinary Advance Eye Kit
  58. Rat Dissection Kit

Items 181-240 of 252

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