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Surgical scissors are used for cutting in a surgical procedure. Scissors can be used for cutting the bandage or tissue. Our scissors surgical grade stainless steel and lasts longer without getting blunt. Scissors with tungsten carbide (TC) tip on the cutting edges allows easier and smoother cuts and keeps the scissors sharp for longer. Scissors have various sizes, shapes and tip profiles. The tips can be sharp/blunt, blunt/blunt or sharp/sharp. Most of the scissors have finger ring for easy handling, some micro scissors have spring action handle like Castroviejo Scissors.

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  1. Operating Scissors
  2. Operating Scissors
  3. Operating Scissors
  4. Operating Scissors
  5. Operating Scissors
  6. Operating Scissors
  7. Operating Scissors
  8. Potts-Smith Scissors
  9. Potts-Smith TC Scissors
  10. Smith US Army
  11. Spencer Scissors
  12. Standard Scissors Curved
  13. Standard Scissors Curved
  14. Standard Scissors Curved
  15. Standard Scissors Straight
  16. Standard Scissors Straight
  17. Standard Scissors Straight
  18. Standard Scissors Straight
  19. Standard Scissors TC Curved
  20. Standard Scissors TC Curved
  21. Standard Scissors TC Straight
  22. Standard Scissors TC Straight
  23. Stevens Scissors
  24. U.S.A Mod Scissors
  25. Universal Scissors
  26. Universal Scissors
  27. Universal TC Scissors

Items 61-90 of 90

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