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  1. How to Tattoo Rabbits

    How to Tattoo Rabbits

    Tattooing is necessary for the identification of rabbits. It is the only accepted and appropriate method to identify rabbits used for breeding and showing in the United States. A legible tattoo in a rabbit’s ear provides permanent identification for that animal. For rabbits to be shown at the shows, the rabbits must have ear tattooed.

    A Tattoo Pliers are most commonly used to pierce the skin of the ear with the needles of the tattoo digits. (digits can be both numbers and letters.) The pliers are easy to operate as they are squeezed together with the ear between the digits and the rubber backing pad of the tool. The digits must completely penetrate the ear. Ink is then rubbed into the puncture holes. The ink becomes permanently fixed in the area within the tissue of the skin as the puncture marks heal, making the tattoo legible and permanent. Pen-type tattoo instruments can be used, but they require more ti

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