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  1. How to Tattoo Rabbits

    How to Tattoo Rabbits

    Tattooing is necessary for the identification of rabbits. It is the only accepted and appropriate method to identify rabbits used for breeding and showing in the United States. A legible tattoo in a rabbit’s ear provides permanent identification for that animal. For rabbits to be shown at the shows, the rabbits must have ear tattooed.

    A Tattoo Pliers are most commonly used to pierce the skin of the ear with the needles of the tattoo digits. (digits can be both numbers and letters.) The pliers are easy to operate as they are squeezed together with the ear between the digits and the rubber backing pad of the tool. The digits must completely penetrate the ear. Ink is then rubbed into the puncture holes. The ink becomes permanently fixed in the area within the tissue of the skin as the puncture marks heal, making the tattoo legible and permanent. Pen-type tattoo instruments can be used, but they require more ti

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  2. Equine Polansky Vaginal Speculum

    Polansky Vaginal Speculum

    Polansky Vaginal Speculum is designed for large animals, It is used for diagnostic examinations and other procedures. It holds the labia open so the vaginal vault can be viewed for swabs taking or direct medication to the uterus. it can also be used during the urinary catheterisation of a female.

    Medical Tools Polanksy Speculum is made of surgical stainless steel it can be processed for frequent sterilizations and long life, with its butterfly screw its simple to operate, simply turn the hand screw until the desired opening is achieved.

    Measurements: Length from end to end of the entire instrument is 17 inches with a maximum spread of near 5 inches. The length from end to end of the speculum blades is 13-3/4 inches.

    Equine Polansky Speculum

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    Tail docking is performed on the following breeds of dogs.

    1. Australian Terrier
    2. Bouvier des Flandres
    3. Boxer
    4. Bracco Italiano
    5. Brittany
    6. Cane Corsa
    7. Clumber Spaniel
    8. Cocker Spaniel
    9. Dobermann
    10. English Springer Spaniel
    11. Fell Terrier
    12. Field Spaniel
    13. German short-haired pointer
    14. German wire-haired pointer
    15. Giant Schnauzer
    16. Glen of Imaal Terrier
    17. Griffon Bruxellois
    18. Hungarian vizsla
    19. Irish Terrier
    20. Italian Spinone
    21. Jack Russell Terrier
    22. Kerry Blue Terrier
    23. King Charles Spaniel
    24. Lakeland Terrier
    25. Large Munsterlander
    26. Lucas Terrier
    27. Miniature Pinscher
    28. Miniature Poodle
    29. Miniature Schnauze
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    By: Edward A. Leviness
    Area Livestock Specialist 1(Retired) Cooperative Extension College of Agriculture The University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona 85721

    Castration [emasculation], stated simply, is the unsexing of a male animal. The practice of castrating males, in animal species used for food production purposes, is universally practiced and is probably one of the oldest surgical operations known to man.

    The purpose of castration is not only to prevent reproduction but to improve the fattening and meat production capability and to make the animal more docile and easy to handle. In farm animals, other than horses, the job of castration usually involves simple surgery wherein the testicles (male reproductive glands that produce male reproductive cells and a hormone) are removed. H

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    What is Castration

    Castration – Neutering is the surgical procedure which removes a dogs testicles (or testes).

    Castration and Dog Behavior

    Testosterone a steroid hormone is produced in testicles, as dogs grow, during their adolescence (6-18 months) the levels of this hormone increase such that secondary sex-related characteristics become more evident. These include mounting, leg lifting and higher levels of aggression. Removal of the testes reduces the production of testosterone and hence sex-related behaviors.

    Castration and Aggression towards Humans

    Aggressiveness is one of the greatest concern. There are various reasons for aggression and these also vary from dog to dog. Understanding these reasons, their causes and symptoms require the experience of a trained behaviorist. Often it is as a result of the dog attempti

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    Small Animal Surgery Kit is used for Small Animals Surgery like Dogs, Cats, Pigs, and many other small animals.

    Surgery kit contains all necessary tools to perform complete surgery. All Tools are made from Surgical Grade stainless steel and used by professionals.

    Medical Tools 24 Instruments is compiled for Small Animal Surgery Kit.

    Small Animal Surgery Kit Includes:

    • Iris Scissors 11.5cm
    • Mayo Scissors TC 15cm
    • Scalpel Handle #3
    • Scalpel Handle #4
    • Olsen Hager Needle Holder TC 16cm
    • 2 Mosquito Forceps Curved 12.5cm
    • 2 Mosquito Forceps Straight 12.5cm
    • 2 Kelly Forceps Straight 14cm
    • 2 Kelly Forceps Curved 14cm
    • 3 Dressing Forceps 16cm
    • Dressing Forceps 1:2 16cm
    • 3 Backhaus Towel Forceps 11cm
    • Adson Forceps 12cm
    • Adson Forceps 1:2 12cm
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    Medical Tools has introduced Feline Spay Pack.

    19 Instruments  Feline Spay Pack contain all instruments used for spay surgery. All instruments surgical grade used by professionals.

    • Kelly Hemostatic Forceps, 5.5″, curved 02 Pcs
    • Kelly Hemostatic Forceps, 5.5″, straight 02 Pcs
    • Mosquito Forceps, 5″, curved 02 Pcs
    • Mosquito Forceps, 5″, straight 02 Pcs
    • Jones Towel Clamp, 3.5″ 03 Pcs
    • Dressing Forceps, 5.5″ 02 Pcs
    • #3 Scalpel Handle 01 Pcs
    • Adson-Brown Forceps, 4.75″ 01 Pcs
    • TC Mayo Scissors, 6.0″, straight 01 Pcs
    • TC Mayo-Hegar Needle holder, 6.75″ 01 Pcs
    • TC Olsen-Hegar Needle holder, 6.5″ 01 Pcs
    • Snook Hook 01 Pcs
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  8. Equine Serra Emasculator 35.5cm

    Equine Serra Emasculator 35.5cm

    This tool has three actions: clamping, crushing and cutting. It draws the cord concentrically into the jaws, thus preventing slipping of the cord, as the jaws are closed on the spermatic cord it is gripped by the clamping part. Ratchets holds emasculator locked.

    Medical Tools stainless steel castration tool is designed for castration minimal blood loss as blood vessels are crushed immediately after they are being cut. It reduces trauma with minimal blood loss.

    • Blood loss is minimal because blood vessels are crushed
    • Less Trauma
    • Work Efficiency is high, have more work done in less time
    • Crushes the arteries severing them cleanly and so minimizes risk of serious bleeding
    • Back-Lock retain crushing portion locked unless unlocked.

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    Dental Extraction can be Non-Surgical (due to some periodontal disease) or Surgical (due to damaged or abnormal teeth extraction). Medical Tools Dental Extraction kit contains all necessary tools for both types of extraction.

    Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure performed in most veterinary practices. Medical Tools 18 Instruments dental extraction kit has all appropriate instruments to perform selective or full mouth dental extraction. All Tools are made from Surgical Grade stainless steel and used by professionals We also make custom design surgery kit to meet with specific needs, All tools are packed in Free Sterilization Cassette.

    Dog Dental Extraction Kit Includes:

    • Scalpel Handle #3
    • TC Olsen Hager Needle Holder 15cm
    • TC Mayo Scissors 15cm
    • LaGrange Scissors 11cm
    • Molt Periosteal Elevator 16cm
    • Mosquito
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    Pig Catchers/Animal Snatchers/Holders (or sometimes also referred as Animal Snares) are instruments to catch animals with ease. Mad dogs and wild pigs/boars are one of the most difficult animals to keep under control where Animal Snatchers come handy. These are also helpful for the veterinarians who need to control animals without giving them sedatives. Animal Snatchers prove a great help where you need to keep the animal at a reasonable distance as well as under control. Animal Snatchers also come with lock which hold the tightened string once it is pulled. Animal Snatcher for small animals is used for less-violent animals like sheep and cattle.

    Pigs Catcher/Animal Snatchers are also available with gripping rubber and is particularly useful against Wolfs, Dogs and Hyenas.

    Buy Pig Catchers

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