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Pig Catchers/Animal Snatchers/Holders (or sometimes also referred as Animal Snares) are instruments to catch animals with ease. Mad dogs and wild pigs/boars are one of the most difficult animals to keep under control where Animal Snatchers come handy. These are also helpful for the veterinarians who need to control animals without giving them sedatives. Animal Snatchers prove a great help where you need to keep the animal at a reasonable distance as well as under control. Animal Snatchers also come with lock which hold the tightened string once it is pulled. Animal Snatcher for small animals is used for less-violent animals like sheep and cattle.

Pigs Catcher/Animal Snatchers are also available with gripping rubber and is particularly useful against Wolfs, Dogs and Hyenas.

Buy Pig Catchers/Animal Snatchers which are most common

  • Pig Catchers/ Snatcher Small – 18 Inches
  • Pig Catchers/ Snatcher Long Handle – 26 Inches
  • Pig Catchers/ Snatcher Long Handle With Grip – 26 Inches
  • Pig Catchers/ Snatcher for Small Animals – 26 Inches


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