Dental Kit for Home

Home Dental Kit, is chosen by dentists for home and travel use. The approved dental implements are what dentists use to keep smiles cleaner and healthier gums.

Home Dental Kit Includes:

  • Dental Scalar
  • Dental Probe / Explorer
  • Dental Tweezers
  • Dental Mouth Mirror Handle
  • Mouth Mirror
  • Magnifying Mouth Mirror

We use finest raw materials in each of our products. The manufacturing facilities for each product strictly adhere to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices Regulations for Medical Devices. All instruments are professionally used by dentists and our instruments are approved and recommended by dentists.

Solution for Foreign Objects lodged in Teeth

For some people, it is annoying, while for others, it can cause a real problem. An object stuck between the teeth can go from a minor inconvenience to a dental emergency if it is not able to be removed. If you have an object stuck in your teeth, Home Dental self examination Kit  has all necessary instruments to remove it efficiently and effectively.

This kit is designed to works for children as well as adults in detecting and removing foreign objects lodged in teeth and inside cavities.