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Tail Banding in Dogs

Tail banding in Dogs

Most veterinarians agree that the risk of tail injury in adult dogs is completely eliminated by removal of the tail when the puppy is only days old.

The banding method is used by many veterinarians for dogs dock. This is a simple and painless procedure that does not cause distress to the dam or puppies.

Banding is done at 2-5 days, a special rubber band is placed on the tail, it constricts the blood supply to the rear of the tail. The puppies do not feel irritation or discomfort when sitting or being athletic activities. After about 3 days, the tail will fall.

Puppy Tail Banding kit included

• Elastrator
• Tail Banding with rubber bands (20 Pcs)

Elastrator work as a band setting tools, helping veterinarians to put rubber to the desired location.Medical elastrators tools are manufactured under strict quality control and exercise their functions effectively

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