Mouth Cancer in Dogs

It has usually been observed that dog owner do not have an idea what is this oral tumor is all about and how it can be cured. And such kind of tumor are usually found in old dogs but the by giving mere a closer look at their dog can let them know about the presence of such kind of deadly disease which can be treated at an earlier stage. However following is the list of such possible type of tumor along with possible treatments.

About six percent of the dogs suffer from cancer and become victim of mouth cancer. The possible types of mouth caner found in dogs are fibrosarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and osteosarcoma. Each of them can be equally devastating if not diagnosed properly.


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It’s usually found in large male dogs and grows on gum. It’s “locally invasive “it is less tastastic. Such type of oral tumor however can be cured by having either surgery or radiation therapy. Wide excision is carried out to remove it as it attacks deep into bones.

However removal of upper or lower jaw may be required. Even after radical surgery, fiberosarcoa has high chances of happening again. In cases when it’s not possible to remove the tumor by surgery, radiation therapy is carried out.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Like wise Fibrosarcoma it also develops in gum and locally invasive and it has less chance of spreading. Whereas if it occurs on tongue or tonsils, it gets highly metastatic and may possibly spread to lymph nodes and lungs

Usually followed method for squamous cell carcinoma is surgical treatment. If tumor is found on gem, a part of jaw may be subject to removal. However it’s quite hard to fully remove the tumor from tonsil because of its position, but surgery due to chance of spreading of tumor to others parts as a result of diagnosis may not be better option to go for. When surgical excision is incomplete or where surgical treatment may not work, Radiation therapy is better to go for. Chemotherapy may also be an option if there is matastasis or surgical treatment can not work.


It’s very strong growing and metastatic as it may possibly affect lungs, lymph, nodes and rest of body. Possible treatments can be surgery, radio therapy and immunotherapy however it’s reluctant to chemotherapy.


It’s a type of Tumor that develops on bones. However tumor on upper jaw is more tastastic comparative to the one present on the lower jaw. Such type of cancer is treated with surgery along with chemotherapy or chemotherapy separately