Winged Elevator Set

Elevators are used to stretch and sever the periodontal ligament which holds the tooth in the socket. Medical Tools wings elevators with increased surface area help to sever the periodontal ligament easily. Winged elevator is designed for small animal dental work; short wing blades which are curve upward improves control and following tooth conformation. Narrow neck improves visibility and short shaft for better control.

1-6mm winged elevators with stubby (shorter length and larger diameter) handle makes extraction easier and safer as the user's finger can be placed at the instrument tip. Stubby handles are ideal for small or large hands.

Set Includes

  • Straight Tip Elevator 1mm
  • Straight Tip Elevator 2mm
  • Winged Elevator 1mm
  • Winged Elevator 2mm
  • Winged Elevator 3mm
  • Winged Elevator 4mm
  • Winged Elevator 5mm
  • Winged Elevator 6mm

Winged Elevator Uses
Elevators are used by inserting parallel to the tooth surface, rotate them slightly and hold for 20-30 sec. slightly moving around the tooth until the periodontal ligament is completely severed.