Crease nail-puller can be use to pull out nails. Medical Tools nail pullers are gentle on a sore foot. Clamp the jaws around the head of nail in turn and pry the nail out by pushing the handle away from you.  When all the nails are out, the shoe came off easily.

Nails should be gently pulled through the foot; Creased Nail Pullers perform continuous pull. Our Nail Pullers are developed specifically for pulling horseshoe nails. Full polished head with wide throat clearance. Engineered to allow close cutting.

An essential tool for the removal of miss-driven nails or nails which have been in for some time. Professional quality and exceptional value.

Medical Tools 13″ Nail Pullers are excellent because

  • made of high quality steel
  • narrow beaks allow for easy removal of all types of nails
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Hand Polished