Farrier nippers

Farrier nippers are like nail clippers for horses. You use them to trim a horses hoof so that a shoe will go on nicely.But always be sure to use them with complete caution and care so that you do not hurt the horse. Nippers are used to remove the surplus growth of the hoof wall. Several sizes are available: 12, 14, 15 and 16-inch nippers are used where more leverage is needed on dry hoofs and on draft horses; 12-inch nippers can be used on show horses, racehorses and foals and those with weak hand strength. When used by an expert farrier, the viewer may notice that the farrier uses the nippers to cut off any overly excessive sole and hoof areas that reduce the need for extra rasping or knife strokes.

Hoof Nippers

These are used to cut the hoof wall down to the correct length and to cut off any excessive or damaged sole or hoof area to reduce the need for extra rasping. The Our 12” hoof nippers are strong and durable hoof nipper suitable for non-professional use. The 12 is ideal for most hoof wall thicknesses or trimmers with average size hands, but as with all hoof trimming tools should be used with care. Medical Tools Hoof Nipper are Sharp and durable, These are well balanced for perfect trimming. Blades are sharpened by hand for longer life. the hoof nipper makes light work of overgrown horn on your horse's hooves and is an essential part of any hoof trimmers tool kit.


  1. After evaluating the balance of the hoof and movement, the dead sole is trimmed from the sole area with a hoof knife. Enough sole has been removed when the sole flexes with thumb pressure.
  2. The bars should be trimmed out level with the sole to prevent them from being broken or torn.
  3. The ragged and loose edges of the frog should be trimmed so that the frog almost touches the ground when the hoof bears weight.
  4. Remove the hoof wall with a pair of nippers. Begin nipping at the toe, and move around to the heels, making sure to keep the nippers perpendicular to the hoof wall to ensure a straight cut. After the nipper cut, sight down the hoof and check for balance. Both sides should be of equal length.
  5. The hoof should be rasped level and not around the hoof wall.
  6. Once the bottom of the hoof is level, the shaped hoof should be examined. Any lipping or flaring of the quarters or toe should be rasped until the hoof has the correct shape. The rasped area must be blended into the slope of the undistorted upper part of the wall.

Horse’s hoof with shoe

The front hoof angle is usually 50 to 55 degrees. It should be the same length and angle as the shoulder. The angle of the hind hoof is usually 2 to 3 degrees greater than that of the front hoof.

Evaluating a Trim Job

When evaluating a trim job on a hoof, first evaluate the hoof on the ground for the correct shape and then from the bottom for levelness. Make sure the hoof is uniform, with no distortions. Then, pick up the hoof and sight down to make sure the hoof wall is level from side to side. Next, check the sole to make sure it is flexible to thumb pressure. It should not be so thin that walking on hard ground will make the horse sore. Check to make sure the frog has been trimmed properly, the front feet are the same angle and length, and the hind hooves are the same angle and length. Finally, watch the horse move. Make sure it is sound, not lame, following trimming.

Hoof Tools

Farrier Half Round Nipper 12 Inch

Medical Tools Half-Round Nippers are made from high-grade steel to provide correct bevel to the cutting edge. Blades are aligned and sharpened by hand for accurate trimming and longer blade life. High-quality tool is a real asset of professional in setting clips, removing access sole or re-secting hoof wall. Our Half-Round Nipper is an excellent tool for reaching those hard to get at places in the hoof. Medical Tools half round nipper is used by professionals for maximum precision and minimum fatigue.


Farrier Hoof Nipper 12 Inch

Medical Tools Hoof Nippers are made from high-grade steel to provide a correct cutting edge. Blades are aligned and sharpened by hand for accurate trimming and longer blade life.
Our Farrier Nippers feature a hardened cutting edge to provide the best possible trim and balanced comfortable grip, suitable for a variety of hoof sizes. The rounded corners and strengthened jaw provide superior durability and a solid feel. An excellent tool for cutting. Medical Tools nippers are used by professionals for maximum precision and minimum fatigue.


Farrier Hammer 12 Inch

Medical Tools Hoof Hammers are made from high grade forged steel. 12″ long hardwood handle and well balanced. The jaws are designed to ring off nails with ease.
Supports keeps handle tight and provide little extra “whip”. Hammer can also be used to remove nails that have been well driven. A useful Farrier tool. Medical Tools hammers are used by professionals for maximum precision and minimum fatigue.